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  • Company Legalities

    The Government’s approval of more than one thousand new investment projects in a year indicates an attractive investment atmosphere in Indonesia. It is not, however, accompanied with issue of policies which facilitate realization of investment. This situation is indicated by the great number of permits for a project, long bureaucratic process and unexpected costs of permits. It is very contra productive to the business operation itself. AJLB offers and gives the best solution to the issues of permit professionally, timely and efficiently. With experience of more than 15 years AJLB can give advises calculations and appropriate strategy to customers in fulfilling their needs. “AJLB believes in giving you quality services”.

  • Legal Sponsorship for Expatriate

    The numerous investment projects in Indonesia in the last ten years automatically create opportunities and new employment opportunities. By the effectiveness of Asian Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) in 2015 these employment opportunities will transform to a competition arena between local personnel and expatriates. Involvement of foreign parties in Indonesia’s projects will be inevitable whether as institutions or individuals. One thing for sure is that each involvement of expatriates in projects in Indonesia will require legal sponsor for work permits issue. AJLB can be an alternative and may function as a legal sponsor for expatriates involved in projects in Indonesia but having no affiliates or representative offices. As an expatriate sponsor, AJLB has sponsored a lot of expatriates working in oil and gas, mines, industry and trade sectors since 2010.

  • Manpower Advisory

    One of the most significant components in business process is human resources. It so important that it is stipulated in a special law – calculation of pay, overtime, insurance and so on. One the one hand, the law is aimed at protecting the workers, but on the other, it is potential to generate conflicts or disputes. It is imperative for each employer or company to fully understand labor regulations. However, it unfortunately becomes the weak point so that in many cases there are a lot of companies inadvertently mistreat their workers. Partnership with a third party to maintain industrial relations and settle conflict of interest of employers with that of workers has developed into an urgent need, thereby making it worth considering. The presence of AJLB as a third party that can be your sponsor becomes a media in industrial relations process and settlement of conflict of interest in your companies.

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