About Us

About Us

Founded in 1999, PT. ANEKAJASA LIMABENUA (AJLB) continues to grow and gain the trust of many major corporations among Foreign, Domestic and Multi-National companies. As service provider, we continue to develop the organization based on system management. The whole process of service activities refer to the Standard Operating Procedures that have been standardized by the Management and in providing services to customers based on the Code of Corporate Governance. Management considered important both to the above to ensure that the services delivered to customers have an excellent quality that ultimately aims to provide comfort and customer satisfaction. We uphold this commitment in partnership with its customers.

Our Vision is to be a prominent private company as a general management services provider.

Our Mission is to enhance the utilization of general management services on the all industry segmentation and trading activities and other business activities supporting the general management services utilization.


We dare to innovate, to pioneer and to evolve. We lead in the business of Expatriates Services. We never accept the status quo. We constantly challenge the norm to find new and better ways of doing things. We thrive on our entrepreneurial spirit and speed of response - taking risks, knowing that we will not always succeed, but never exposing our clients to risk.

We share our knowledge, our expertise and our resources so that everyone understands what is important now and what is happening next, and we know how to respond.


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